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  • Spcification:

    Gas Alarm Detector User Manual

      1. 1. Multi-usage
        3. lower power consumption,
        4.Anti-error alarm
        5.Anti-leakage alarm


    Special gas sensor, never obtuse ,lower consumption, prolong usage life. 2. Particular design , detects coal gas ,nature gas ,LPG .

    Single chip , anti-error alarm, stop leakage alarm, steady and standby.

    Flash & sound alarm, auto reset .

    Installation optional : wall mounted / ceiling mounted


    • Detecting gas : coal gas, nature gas,LPG gas
    • Alarm density: coal gas 0.1-0.5%; natural gas 0.1-0.3% ;LPG gas 0.1-0.5%
    • Working voltage : AC220V
    • Working environment : temperature :-10- 50ºC relative humidity ≦97%
    • Working current : ≥100mA
    • Alarm voice : ≥85db
    • Response time : ≤20 second , according to the gas density

    Installation Installationuse:

      1. First,make sure the density rate of gas and air, then fix the gas detector to a suitable place in 1.5 m radius . coal (nature) gas are light than air ,upon the air LPG is heavier than air ,sedimentary low place.


      1. 1. Connect power source
        2. The green light will blinking, the device is in warming up.
        3. Once green light will be stable device is activated.
        4. When it detect the gas leakage, the green light will become red and flashing, along with the buzzer sound alert.


        1. 1. Do not install outside
          2. Do not install ventilate pore, door etc. air flow strongly site.
          3. Do not install on the place over - 10degree to 50 degree .
          4. Do not install in humidity place.
          5. Do not install on the place something block.
          6. Do not use glue, pesticide, dope,diluent etc.
          7. If has trouble,do not dismount repair by yourself.

    Dangerous treatment

        1. When combustible gas density overrun thestandard, the siren will keep in alarm ,you should:
        1. 1. shut the pipe spigot right away!
          2. open window keep air circulated right away!
          3. cut off all the fire source and keep away the tinder( lighter, match etc.)
          4. keep away all power switch, electrical equipment.
          5. check leakage reason, and inform relative department to deal with !
    Power Supply 220V AC
    Warm-up Time 3-5 Minutes
    Humidity Range 10% ~ 95% Relative Humidity (RH)
    Working Temp. Range -10°c ~ +50 °c
    Alarm Level 10%±5%LEL
    Alarm Sensitivity 10% LEL